Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Bishopric

Today we sustained a new bishopric.

Steven Mortensen

John Dexter
1st Couns.

Billy Plank
2nd Couns.
(Incidentally I looked on the Leadership Directory under our ward website on and Bishop Mortensen was already listed this evening.)

We also sustained a new Young Women's Presidency.
Jody Bradshaw

Hannah Robinson
1st Couns.

Tara Fyfe
2nd Couns.

Sarah Young

Congratulations to you all!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Strike That...

Of couse within 24 hours of outlining the webpage, I find out the church is updating the webpage.
Here is the link to the new beta page...
Oh well...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our combined Priesthood/Relief Society Lesson...

This last Sunday, we were taught by Brother Alan Dunn and Brother Dale McPherson some pointers about the Church's official website,

We were taught that on the left hand column of the page, there is the First Presidency/Home Teaching message, followed by the visiting message. Underneath that is a few highlights of the doctrines of the gospel.

In the central column are updates from the LDS Newsroom, promotions about, and usually the latest posting from the churches youtube channel. It's called Mormon Messages.
In the right hand column are links to preparing a lesson, tips to preparing a talk, a link to Stake and Ward websites, a link to, a link to the official LDS Newsroom,, a link to Mormon Messages (the LDS youtube channel), and also a link to the Mormon Channel (an LDS radio station, only on the internet).

If you have not yet registered on the Stake and Ward website, you'll need your membership record number. That number can be found on your temple recommend or you'll have to go to the clerks office and ask for it. If you click on the Stake and Ward website, and you have not previously registered, click on 'Obtain an LDS Account'. You'll then enter your membership record number, your birthday, and the image in the box. When you hit 'Next Step', you will be asked to verify, who you are. You then go thru and choose a user name, a password, and enter your e-mail address and confirm your e-mail address. You'll go and check that e-mail address 'In-box' and follow the links and instructions to complete your registration.

When you are registered and sign in, you will be sent directly to your wards website. This website again is broken up again into 3 columns. In the left hand column, you can choose to go the the website for the stake, get 'News and Information', 'Lesson Schedules', a 'Ward Calendar', a 'Membership Directory' (which is where the ward directory list is), the 'Leadership Directory' (which lists callings in the ward), 'Missionary' (which lists current missionaries assigned to our ward, as well as those who are serving from our ward), and 'Resources'.

In the center column is the address, phone number, meeting times, and links to official church websites, missionary work resources, and additional LDS online resources.

In the column on the right is a list of upcoming events and the first link is a place where you can submit news. If you click on any of the highlighted events, you'll be shown a small window with the details. To see the whole calendar, go to the bottom of the list and click 'More'.

Even getting on and just clicking around, you'll get to know this website better and all the information and resources that it holds. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at, and list 'LDS WEBSITE' in the title, so that I'll know its not junk or spam mail. Good Luck!!!

New Primary Presidency...

On August 22, 2010 the former primary presidency was released....

The Former Presidency:

President-Lori Searcy
1st Counselor-Christina Plank
2nd Counselor-Suzanne Parkinson
Secretary-Melissa Durtschi

The New/Current Presidency:

President-Deb Allen
1st Counselor-Kara Mortensen
2nd Counselor-Suzette Clay
Secretary-Anita McPherson

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This Is Great

I just discovered this fun new blog for Moms in the Rexburg area. Check it out!!

You can find lots of great stuff.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Together in Fasting and Prayer...

“Why is it that when a ward [or group] comes together in fasting and prayer, it makes a greater difference somehow than if anyone had done so alone? In part because such united efforts of the Saints are a testimony unto the heavens—a witness that Christ and his purposes take precedence over our hostilities and personality problems. The revelation says, “Be agreed as touching all things whatsoever ye ask.” (D&C 27:18.) Or again, “If ye are not one ye are not mine.” (D&C 38:27.) Brigham Young, who learned much about prayer by listening to the Prophet, said repeatedly to the Saints that when someone prays in a congregation the rest of us should be saying in our minds what he is saying with his lips. We should repeat the very words in our minds. Then when we say “amen” we know what we are saying amen to. “Why?” Brigham asks. “So that Saints may be one.” The effectual, fervent power of united prayer cannot be overestimated. Powerful prayer unites the “Saints—unity expands the power of prayer.”

—Truman G. Madsen-
Know Your Religion lectures, 1972–73

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A special day of fasting and prayer...

Here is a reminder that Bishop Lynn has strongly encouraged all who can, to participate in a special day of fasting and prayer for Whitney Brown. The Brown's will be on their way back to Salt Lake this evening so that Whitney can be admitted to Primary Children's for a few more days of testing. Bishop has asked us to begin fasting this evening, to go into tomorrow evening. Please spread the word and encourage as many can to join with us...
There is strength in numbers!
Many Thank Yous!!!!!